Panasonic CR123A Photo Lithium Battery Pack. CR-123 PHOTO BATTERY 3V LITHIUM 2 PACK GP-BAT. 3V DC


Brand Name: Panasonic
Product Model: CR-123APA/2B
Product Name: CR-123APA/2B General Purpose Battery
Marketing Information: CR123A Photo Lithium Battery Pack is high-voltage battery specifically designed for today’s 35mm, APS and digital cameras. They deliver superior performance and long shelf life, so your camera will always be at full power. But best of all, they deliver a quicker recovery time between flashes, letting you snap more photos in a shorter span of time.
Packaged Quantity: 2
Product Type: General Purpose Battery
Battery Chemistry: Lithium Manganese Dioxide
Output Voltage: 3 V DC
Compatibility: Camera