UltraFire 16340 CR123a 800mAh 3.0V Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery (Pair) + Charger Combo

Indicator light lets you know when charging is complete.
Designed to charge your batteries quickly and safely.
Input Voltage: 110-240V, 47-63Hz
Output: 4.2V 600mA
Charges 1 or 2 batteries simultaneously
Dimensions: 3.34 in x 1.85 in x 1.49 in
Weight: 2.46 oz.
Ultrafire Li-Ion Rechargeable CR123A 16340 with IC Protection.

Capacity: 800mAh.
Voltage: 3.0V.
Can be used in laser pointer,Torch Flashlights and other electronic products.
Over charge and discharge protection.
Protection kicks in : 2.0v and 3.4v.
Over-Charging / Draining at 3.4v / 2.0v


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