SUPEREX® 6 PCS 3v 400 mAh CR2 15270 Batteries + Car Charger Dual Rapid Rechargeable Battery Charger for 3V CR123A / CR2 Lithium Batteries


Superex S12BK3VCR2A6 smart battery charger for 3V CR123A or CR2 rechargeable lithium batteries

and includes six of the 400mAh CR2 type.

Individually-monitored channels allow you to charge one battery or two simultaneously and you can even charge a CR123A and a CR2 together.

Charging time is about 2.4 hr for 1-2 CR123A batteries, or 1.6 hr for 1- 2 CR2 batteries.

LED indicators are red when charging is in-progress and flash in blue when it’s 80-90% done. They will change to a constant blue when charging is 90-100% complete and will flash red and blue to alert you to a battery error.

Over-voltage protection keeps the charger from outputting too much power and surge protection shields it from input power overload.

Reverse polarity protection prevents damage if batteries are inserted incorrectly.

The Dual Rapid charger accepts 100-240VAC input power for use all over the world.

An AC and DC adapter are included for use at-home, in the office or on-the-go.

Both the included CR123A and optional CR2 batteries are rechargeable up to 1000 times and feature excellent high-load performance which helps prevent memory effect.

Package contains:

1 x Charger

1 x Car charger

6 x Batteries

1 x AC adaptor (adaptor is randomly selected for shipping)